[Openstack-operators] Proposal for an 'Operations' project

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Sat Nov 8 08:10:48 UTC 2014

On 2014-11-07 22:25:49 +0100 (+0100), Jonathan Proulx wrote:
> An "Ops Project" feels weird to me.

To me as well. Perhaps this is the "operator community" coming to
the realization that they don't need to be separate from the
"developer community." I've never really quite understood the
distinction myself... I spent pretty much all my career before now
as a sysadmin and network administrator, and I help write software
to automate systems/network administration tasks. I don't get why
some people feel it's necessary to grasp for a distinction between
those, and furthering that identity crisis merely underscores the
artificial dichotomy imposed by corporate management organization

The OpenStack Project is all of us. We as a community try to provide
a welcoming atmosphere and do what we can to streamline the
contribution process. Starting new projects and contributing to
existing ones is meant to be easy, and newcomers to our ranks are
doing it every day. Don't be afraid to shed the divisive mantle of
"operator" or "developer" and just join the action. We're all in it
Jeremy Stanley

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