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Fri Nov 7 16:43:18 UTC 2014

Since there seems to be a fair amount of people on this list running Ceph
with Openstack, I wanted to ask what configuration most people are using for
their Ceph/Openstack configuration.


We tried installing Ceph on CentOS 6 (storage nodes and nova nodes) but
discovered that the kernel that is included in RDO (for nova) doesn't
include rbd support in qemu-img. No problem we thought, we will just use the
kernel-lt from elrepo which does include support for rbd. However after
installing those kernels we discovered that our GRE based networking didn't
work. After some additional troubleshooting we determined that the kernel-lt
didn't include the backported ovs vport GRE capability that the RDO kernel
has (it apparently was added in 3.11 but kernel-lt is 3.10).


So we have to decide how we want to implement our cluster and cloud. 


Are you implementing Openstack on Debian/Ubuntu to get around these sorts of

Are you running newer mainline kernels (kernel-ml) with CentOS 6? 

Or are you running vlan based tenant isolation for your tenant networks? 

Are you running custom compiled kernels?

Is there something else I am missing?


Any input from your experience is greatly appreciated.


Warm regards,


Tom Walsh

Express Web Systems

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