[Openstack-operators] Networking architecture question: communication between tenants

Emrah Aslan e.aslan at logicom.com.tr
Mon Nov 3 09:44:34 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I've checked  but couldn’t find an exact solution  - somehow can not troubleshoot caused by lack of 3rd party troubleshooting sw. Cloud-wide Galera cluster  has lots of bugs for sure.

Has anyone tried the AWS amazon tier2 services. We are having exactly the same problem within the AWS cloud services. 

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I'm building a private cloud in which I'd like Application Server instances from separate tenants to access the same unique cloud-wide Galera cluster (which would have its own tenant).

I'm wondering what the best network topology would be to achieve this. 
The constraint is that tenant A Application Server instances should not see Tenant B App Servers.
- should I go with a per-tenant router topology? and assign 2 NICs to App Server instances: first one in their tenant network,  second one in Galera cluster tenant? is that possible?
- should I go with one router for all tenants?
- should the Galera cluster only be accessed from its floating IPs in order to avoid all communication between tenants?

Am I missing something?

Your architectural thoughts are welcome.

thank you,



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