[Openstack-operators] Configuring local instance storage

Arne Wiebalck Arne.Wiebalck at cern.ch
Thu May 8 12:18:07 UTC 2014

Hi all,

In our cloud we use the non-shared local fs of the compute for instance storage. As our cloud gets more busy, this is now more and more becoming a serious bottleneck.

We saw that tuning the configuration, such as the IO scheduler, can improve things significantly, but in the end things are of course limited by the h/w used in the
hypervisors (which are RAIDed spinning disks in our case). For now, we don't want to go down the roads of local shared storage (due the additional complexity to
set this up) nor the road of non-local shared storage (to continue to profit from the limited impact of storage failures). So we are considering to add SSDs to our hardware
setup, which can then either be used directly or via a block level caching mechanism (e.g. bcache).

When discussing the various options to set this up, we wondering how other clouds deal with the problem of compute disk contention in general and the integration
of SSDs in particular.

So, any suggestions or experiences in this area you'd like to share would be very welcome!


Arne Wiebalck

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