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Allamaraju, Subbu subbu at subbu.org
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Thanks for sharing your experience. We've been using RabbitMQ active-active behind a VIP/TCP LB. Just wanted to check if the HA Guide's recommendation is valid.


On Jan 31, 2014, at 1:27 AM, Papaspyrou, Alexander <papaspyrou at adesso-mobile.de> wrote:

> Subbu,
> we are running on RMQ 3.2 with server-side HA policy on all OpenStack queues.
> Even with two Rabbit servers dispersed over two sufficiently distant data centers (different subnets, different locations, connected via fibre over a number of routers), and besides network partitions here and there (which RMQ fixes automatically most of the time, if configured properly), our setup runs like a charm. Hardware is negligible; RMQ almost never goes beyond a GB or so of memory usage, and the CPU is usually bored to death.
> We found the DRBD setup much more flaky and rather cumbersome to setup, and frankly, I never understood why people happen to take the dark alley Linux-HA. If you want, you can put ldirectord in front of the two boxes to balance the load (we did that, although from a performance perspective, this is not necessary). ldirectord also detects whether one of the boxes is out to lunch (which never happened so far), and reroutes the traffic automatically.
> To be really sure, put a corosync/pacemaker-managed failover (virtual) IP in front of the two boxes, and run corosync/pacemaker/ldirectord/rabbitmq on each box, with properly configured VIP transportation – that’s where I’d invest the effort to dive into the details of Linux HA glory.
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> Am 20.01.2014 um 05:33 schrieb Allamaraju, Subbu <subbu at subbu.org>:
>> OpenStack HA guide (http://docs.openstack.org/high-availability-guide/content/s-rabbitmq.html) says that Pacemaker/DRBD approach is preferred over  active-active mirrored queues. Details are sparse in the guide. Is anyone aware of any data/issues first hand?
>> Thanks for any pointers.
>> Subbu
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