[Openstack-operators] Availability zones and neutron network nodes

George Shuklin george.shuklin at gmail.com
Tue Jan 28 21:53:10 UTC 2014

Yes, I've found this workaround.

But it does not works as expected. I mean, if network node hosts 
l3-agent for specific availability zone, it works. But all stuff in 
internal networks is complete mess. dhcp-agents are selected in full 
random without any correlation to external networks or AZ.  So it can be 
that some instance is served by 'own' AZ network node, but dhcp-agent is 
belong to other AZ, and maintenance of 'other' AZ can cause 
startup/lease-renew problems for 'own' AZ.

I start to discuss this problem at work, seems we (may be - still in 
discussion) can dedicate some resources to add AZ support to neutron 
agents, f.e. declare agent response for specific AZs. But before this I 
need to know that this feature:

1. Is not implemented already (or in process)
2. Is suited for upstream (I think this happens during blueprint 
3. Get proper knowledge about all workflow
4. Motivate programmers to dive into openstack

On 01/27/2014 05:07 PM, Richard Boswell wrote:
> George, the only thing that I know that will limit this is by 
> assigning unique networks to an AZ.
>     Can't find any information: is any way group neutron network nodes
>     with
>     hosts in nova availability zone?
>     I really don't want to have instance from one AZ served by l3 agent on
>     other AZ's network node..

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