[Openstack-operators] Neutron Documentation

Alvise Dorigo alvise.dorigo at pd.infn.it
Sun Jan 5 11:06:00 UTC 2014

Hi all,
I’m here to ask if there’s some “definitive” Neutron installation and configuration guide for RHEL linux distros (ScientificLinux, CentOS, RedHat, Fedora… at least for CentOS) maybe written by some cloud administrator who managed a complete openstack installation/configuration successfully.

I’m asking this because:

1. first of all, they wrote on the doc in docs.openstack.org: “this chapter is a bit more adventurous than we would like. We’re working on cleanup […]”.
2. Actually following that guide is quite hard and error-prone; for 3 times I wasn’t able to get a virtual instance to come up with the network correctly working. 

For 1., I’ve been seeing that sentence for at least 3 months so I wonder if I can completely trust on that procedure.
For 2., I’d need a clear workflow that explain me in a “flat” way what to do and where (controller node, network node, compute node)… and not all the time this appeared completely clear to me, above all because the structure is not flat (must jump around to follow the procedure). Then, for sure I made some mistake during the configuration, but I would charge (a little) that doc with it.

many thanks, and happy new year to you all!


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