[Openstack-operators] Shared storage HA question

Sylvain Bauza sylvain.bauza at bull.net
Thu Jul 25 10:35:43 UTC 2013

Le 25/07/2013 11:34, Razique Mahroua a écrit :
> - How come I never had such issues (to validate) with MooseFS while 
> it's the mfsmount is FUSE-based?

I'm not saying FUSE is killing perfs :-) My point was more likely : be 
careful, if you mix up GlusterFS + Windows (caching system on C:) + 
FUSE, then you *could* have something like race condition which could 
affect perfs.

I haven't tested out MFS, happy if this is not reproducing, then :-)

> - Does that mean the issue is not si much about Gluster, rather all 
> FUSE-based FS?

Indeed. As said though, CephFS is also not perfect. If people want to 
choose Ceph, then it's better to boot from volume with Cinder-based RBD 
(RADOS Block Device) driver.


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