[Openstack-operators] Shared storage HA question

Jason Ford jford at blackmesh.com
Wed Jul 24 14:32:33 UTC 2013


Look at ceph (http://ceph.com/) for this since you are trying to use it in
cinder. We have had pretty good success with it as long as you can give
your storage network > 1gbit/s speeds.

The basic approach would be to install ceph storage nodes on your boxes
with disk in it and also install a mon process on each. Put your journals
on faster drives and install the third mon and the gateway on your
openstack management box.

There are many howtos on the ceph site for this and they are very helpful
in IRC if you have questions about it.

Hope this helps!



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On 7/24/13 10:11 AM, "Denis Loshakov" <dloshakov at gmail.com> wrote:

>Hi all,
>I have issue with creating shared storage for Openstack. Main idea is to
>create 100% redundant shared storage from two servers (kind of network
>RAID from two servers).
>I have two identical servers with many disks inside. What solution can
>any one provide for such schema? I need shared storage for running VMs
>(so live migration can work) and also for cinder-volumes.
>One solution is to install Linux on both servers and use DRBD + OCFS2,
>any comments on this?
>Also I heard about Quadstor software and it can create network RAID and
>present it via iSCSI.
>P.S. Glance uses swift and is setuped on another servers
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