[Openstack-operators] Best practice suggestions

David Peterson davidp at wirelessconnections.net
Wed Jul 24 13:38:52 UTC 2013

I am putting together my first lab cloud and would like any suggestions as
to best practices.


Here is the network proposed in a Grizzly guide I found online.


Node Role:


Control Node:

eth0 (, eth1 (

Network Node:

eth0 (, eth1 (, eth2 (

Compute Node:

eth0 (, eth1 (


This appears to map the 192.168.100.x subnet to the Openvswitch for public
IP addresses.


So  should I map the horizon front end to a public IP address on the vswitch
or just put a public IP secondary address on the Control Node?


Does this type of network make sense or is it just a lab style network.


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