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Simon Pasquier simon.pasquier at bull.net
Fri Jul 19 13:35:54 UTC 2013

Le 19/07/2013 15:07, Roman Podolyaka a écrit :
> Hi Jacob, all
> 1. When a new Neutron network is created, it is automatically 
> scheduled to one of DHCP-agents running in a cluster (actually, it's 
> done lazily, when the first port on this network is created, but 
> that's an implementation detail). Though, you have to manually 
> schedule it to additional DHCP-agents to provide HA. I haven't seen 
> any BPs adding such an option, but I agree, that it would be useful to 
> have one.

It already exists in Havana by setting the dhcp_agents_per_network 
parameter in neutron.conf .
Check this commit for details:

> 2. Not sure we have one :( The solution from TelekomCloud guys seems 
> to be the only way to go to provide HA for L3 agents in Active/Active 
> mode currently.
> 3. Every network or compute node in a cluster runs an L2-agent, which 
> allows one to create L2 tenant networks and plug 
> VMs/routers/DHCP-servers into network ports (the underlying 
> implementation depends on the core plugin you use, e.g. OVS can use 
> VLANs or GRE tunnels to provide tenant isolation). So L2 networking is 
> ready to use when you've started an L2-agent and provided it with a 
> correct configuration file.
> Thanks,
> Roman
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