[Openstack-operators] Are cells what I want here?

Jonathan Proulx jon at jonproulx.com
Fri Jul 12 14:36:02 UTC 2013

HI All,

I'm on the verge of rearchitecting my openstack world, in parallel with my
update to Grizzly (on Ubuntu 12.04 and kvm).

What I *want* is a few sets of compute nodes with different scheduling and
quotas, I *think* cells are the right concept to apply here.

I need one set of nodes to schedule with a 1:1 physical:virtual ratio, an
other using an over committed ratio (I'm thinking 8:1 in my environment)
and in a perfect world a third that does bare metal provisioning both for
TripleO purposes and for providing other baremetal systems directly to my
user base.  Each would need it's own set of quotas.

Leaving a side the OpenStack-on-OpenStack complexities for now (along with
my abiding desire for a pony), does this model map well to the "cells"
concept?  Can different cells have different hypervisors (I presume they
can since they are independent novas other than api services)?

Also it seems only the random scheduler is implemented at the cell level,
according to the docs anyway,.  Can I pin flavors to a specific cell a-la
host aggregates, or use host-aggregates in the cells to similar effect, or
can I use "hints" or similar on instance creation to choose a cell?  Or
should I start looking at poaching the filter scheduler

Or I'm I looking in completely the wrong direction?

It all looked so nice on the white board but I'm getting a bit nervous
actually implementing it.

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