[Openstack-operators] Howto setup quantum for floating IPs similar to the way nova-network did it?

Jay Pipes jaypipes at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 18:05:09 UTC 2013

FWIW, this is a very interesting question for us at AT&T, too. We are
deploying our new zones with multi-host networking setup and no Quantum
because of scalability issues with having a single node (or even
multi-node active/passive network controller) running Quantum.

We are very much interested in this blueprint:


Because we would like to eventually move to a Quantum-based setup, since
we'd like to use Quantum LBaaS as well as SDN stuff, however we will
need to also have a no-SPOF network controller solution like multi-host
Nova networking supplies.


On 01/29/2013 05:29 PM, Nick Bartos wrote:
> I'm trying to get quantum floating IPs working in this configuration.
> Nova-network was working fine before, but now we are switching to
> quantum for better configurability in some installations. Here is a
> brief description of the setup:
> The only router for all openstack networks is a (real) 10G ethernet
> switch. There is one untagged network used for internal communication
> (not exposed to the VMs). There are 2 additional networks (tagged
> VLANs on the same physical network), one for VM fixed addresses, and
> one for public floating addresses. All hosts have access to all
> networks, and no hosts have dedicated tasks (there are no
> networking-only, compute-only, etc hosts, but services that there can
> be only one/few of are master elected). Currently quantum is using the
> linux bridge plugin, but that will likely change to something else
> later.
> The NAT for the floating IPs needs to be done on the host where the VM
> resides. Having a separate networking-only NAT host will not work in
> our configuration. This is because we do not want to bottleneck
> network I/O through any one host, and also so that if one host fails
> it will not affect the network on other surviving hosts. From what I
> can tell by the docs, a quantum router for NAT may need to be created
> for each host to make this happen, although I'm not really sure.
> Currently quantum-server is a master elected service on a floating IP
> (which is managed outside of openstack), so it runs on only one node
> at a time. The dhcp, linuxbridge, and l3 agents are running on each
> host.
> How exactly should quantum be set up to do this? Or is this
> configuration not feasible using quantum?
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