[Openstack-operators] customising network (flatdhcpmanager) start_address and dns

Thomas Kee xsited at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 16 23:25:11 UTC 2013

Anton, Nux!, 

While I am using a different networking model I had a few issue with a few directives from Folsom nova-network create as well.  I was tooling around looking for a relevant issue or bug report.

I found that the --dns1 and --dns2 directives really did nothing and I ended up hacking them into the network table.  The result did not product the dnsmasq (dhcp) lease attribute assignment I excepted for a new VM.  

Likewise with --dhcp_start, it was was populated in the network table correctly and seemingly used by dnsmasq correctly


however, the static leases assignment still began with .3.

I detailed some of my usage and syntax for nova-network create.

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