[Openstack-operators] Upgrade Strategy from Essex to Folsom+

Christian Parpart trapni at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 16:29:08 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I am having the following Essex Architecture, all on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS:

- central nova-network service (2 HA'd nodes)
- central controller node containing scheduler, nova-volume, mysql,
rabbitmq,. ...
- 30 compute nodes.

NOW, I'd like to upgrade from Essex to Folsom, and lucky me, I found a
small intro on how to get the folsom packages by Ubuntu directly into this
but that's it.

I now know, that Cinder is nothing else than nova-volume split up into its
own project,
so I don't think i'll have issues upgrading this part, but I am really very
very concerned
about the networking node, Quantum is also a splitup of nova-network into
its own module
but it now contains open-vswitch as integral part, which is a cool thing,
I'm not against it,
but I wonder whether it is possible to to a live upgrade, that is, not
taking down any service
except the node that I am currently upgrading by the service (process)
starts I am to have.

Is it also possible to upgrade compute nodes just like this? open-vswitch
is incompatible to
native linux bridges - the bridge kernel module must not be loaded when
open-vswitch with kernel module acceleration enabled.

Is it possible to partially upgrade? That is, upgrading one node after the
and do the compute instances require a restart/reboot?

Many questions, but all tightly bound to how to upgrade from Essex to
Folsom, and I'd be happy if
at least some of them could be answered. :)

Many thanks in advance,
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