[Openstack-operators] How Do I allow IP protocols other than TCP, UDP, or ICMP (such as GRE)through my security group?

Steven Barnabas sbarnabas at frontporch.com
Tue Aug 13 20:51:00 UTC 2013

I have a basic Grizzly installation following these instructions.https://github.com/mseknibilel/OpenStack-Grizzly-Install-Guide/blob/OVS_SingleNode/OpenStack_Grizzly_Install_Guide.rst

Everything is working great, however....

I am trying to send some traffic via a gre tunnel to an IP address of an interface on my instance. This traffic is neither TCP or UDP. How do I allow this traffic through my security group since I can only select TCP, UDP, or ICMP. Is there a allow any any command?

Thank you.

Steven Barnabas
Network Engineer
Front Porch, Inc.
209-652-7733 mobile

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