[Openstack-operators] openvswitch is eating all my packets

Andrew Regner andrew.regner at RACKSPACE.COM
Tue Nov 20 22:54:19 UTC 2012

Hello all,

I am trying to install OpenStack on my personal desktop PC to start toying around with.  First, the overview of my environment:

OS: Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS
Repo: Ubuntu cloud archive (folsom packages)
Installation method: Puppet (https://github.com/puppetlabs/puppetlabs-openstack)

I set puppet off on the system after setting it up in my site manifest to configure the system as both a controller and a compute node.  It hit several bumps in the process which I worked around by adjusting the puppet modules (patches forthcoming) or installing some other dependency puppet didn't account for.  Now, I am having trouble with openvswitch.

When I load the "openvswitch_mod" kernel module and start the "openvswitch-switch" service, it loads find and doesn't report any problems.  I however loose all network connectivity to the box.  From the local console I can run tcpdump and see that traffic is getting out my primary (and only) network interface, and I am even getting replies back, but they are not making their way back into the system.  I can see my desktop ARP'ing for its default gateway, and I can see the ARP reply from the gateway, but the arp table is never populated and the process that was attempting to make the network connection continues to hang.  I end up having to reboot the entire box to get it working again.  Stoping the openvswitch-switch service isn't enough to fix it, and the kernel won't let me "rmmod" or "modprobe -rf" the openvswitch_mod module because "it is still in use."

I've already checked some things that I could think of (ip_forwarding, iptables, ebtables) but can't find out what the problem is.  I am sure that something just isn't configured right but this is my first time ever trying to install open stack myself and also my first time touching openvswitch.  Any help trying to determine what the problem may be would be much appreciated.

Andrew Regner, RHCE, CCNA
Linux Systems Administrator
Rackspace Hosting
5000 Walzem Road
San Antonio, TX 78218

P.S.  As I understand it openvswitch operates at layer 2, so the proper subject of this email should have been "openvswitch is eating all my frames", but packets sounds better.
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