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Nathanael Burton nathanael.i.burton at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 21:25:09 UTC 2012

One area that's been a problem for me as an operator is that there are no
quotas around instance snapshots. I would like to see quotas on the number
of snapshots and total size of snapshot space utilized.

On Nov 14, 2012 5:01 PM, "Joe Gordon" <jogo at cloudscaling.com> wrote:

> Hi openstack-dev and openstack-operators,
> I would like to start a discussion on what the default values for quotas
> should be; many of the default values have not been changed since September
> 2010 (commit 56779ebfec9cd382f170e307a1dc6403e339807f), and it may be time
> to revisit the default values.  Below is a list of the current default
> quota values in nova/quota.py.
> quota_instances=10
> quota_cores=20
> quota_ram=50 * 1024
> quota_floating_ips=10
> quota_metadata_items=128
> quota_injected_files=5
> quota_injected_file_content_bytes=10 * 1024
> quota_injected_file_path_bytes=255
> quota_security_groups=10
> quota_security_group_rules=20
> quota_key_pairs=100
> While some of these values are fairly large for small scale testing (100
> key_pairs), some quotas are easily reached in a small environment such
> as quota_instances=10 and
> quota_cores=20.  With the default quotas you can only run 10 m1.tinys, 10
> m1.mediums or 5 m1.larges.
> Operators, have you had any issues with the current default values for
> quotas?
> While one should need to adjust the quotas as needed when using nova,
> that does not negate the need for good default values.  So what should
> the default values be?  Should some of the quotas be disabled by default?
>  Should we have default values for all of the quotas or force users to
> explicitly set some?  Who is the target audience for the default values for
> the quotas?
> For comparison Amazon only has one quota by default, an instance quota of
> 20 VMs (
> http://aws.amazon.com/ec2/faqs/#How_many_instances_can_I_run_in_Amazon_EC2
> ).
> best,
> Joe Gordon
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