[Openstack-operators] Netapp volume, anyone?

Joe Topjian joe.topjian at cybera.ca
Fri Nov 16 16:01:31 UTC 2012

Hi Abel,

I have two NetApp filers working with OpenStack, but I'm new to NetApp
equipment, so I can try to help :)

I just read over the doc you linked to. It's actually quite detailed and a
lot better than the docs that were available when I was doing this - lucky!

Anyway, just to confirm/review a few things, you:

* have an OnCommand server set up with the Storage Service, Provisioning
Policy, and Resource Pool all configured. (Do they look OK in the nmconsole
* have the wsdl file available for download and can confirm access with
* have nova-volume running on only 1 server (When using LVM, it makes sense
to run nova-volume on several servers, but with a central storage
appliance, 1 instance of nova-volume makes sense).

For Essex, one recommendation I was given was to use NetApp's updated


The reason I link to a pull request is because I have a small fix that was
needed for Essex.

This driver is a drop-in replacement for netapp.py

And is nova running in debug mode? If so, tail -f
/var/log/nova/nova-volume.log and see if nova-volume is talking to the
NetApp correctly. The conformance log (/opt/log/conformance.log) might also
have some good pointers.

Hope that helps,

On Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 1:01 AM, Abel Lopez <alopgeek at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> Testing out netapp volume driver in Essex.
> Starting from "unconfigured netapp" and "no prior volume service",
> Having had followed the docs provided from netapp
> https://communities.netapp.com/docs/DOC-19826
> I have a "happy" nova-volume service, configured the nova.conf,
> appropriately, verify all network connectivity.
> When I try to create a volume using nova client, I see in the scheduler
> logs
> Failed to schedule_create_volume: No valid host was found. Is the
> appropriate service running?
> Anyone have any tips or tricks?
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