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Hey there, please find my answers above 
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Le 8 nov. 2012 à 15:48, Stephen Liu <satimis at yahoo.com> a écrit :

> Hi all,
> I'm following;
> Installing OpenStack Essex (2012.1) on Ubuntu 12.04 ("Precise Pangolin")
> http://www.hastexo.com/resources/docs/installing-openstack-essex-20121-ubuntu-1204-precise-pangolin
> to install OpenStack on Ubuntu 12.04 desktop 64bit.
> According to "Step 1: Prepare your System"
> http://www.hastexo.com/resources/docs/installing-openstack-essex-4-ubuntu-1204-precise-pangolin/step-1-prepare-your-system
> it needs 2 NICs for the test.  Please advise;
> 1) 
> Can I have one NIC to continue the test?   If NO then I'll install an additional NIC on this PC.
Yes you can only have one NIC, make sure to update all the settings accordingly.
You can also create an alias (eth0:0) or a new ip on the interface (ip addr add XXXX/Y dev eth0)

> 2)
> I suppose
> auto eth1
> iface eth1 inet static
> address
> .....
> ....
> is to connect Internet?  The setting on my router is " up".  Can I set the address according to the settings on my router?
It depends on what you are trying yo achieve, but if you have an extra interface, it won't need to access to the internet, eth0 would be good for that
> 3)
> I suppose eth0 is for internal connection.  Should I set the entries exactly identical to the instruction?
Nope, totally up to you. I usually have three interfaces : eth0 for internet acces, eth1 for internal network and eth3 for rescue/admin access

sure :)

> B.R.
> Stephen L
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