[Openstack-operators] Boot from volume problem in Openstack folsom release

Steve Anderson dafridgie at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 13:56:12 UTC 2012

Hi all,
I'm trying to get boot from volume working in Folsom and believe i have the
right configuration. the problem I'm having is that when a boot from volume
Vm is launched, it launches with an attached volume rather than booting
from the volume itself if using any other mount point than /dev/vda.
If /dev/vda is used, the Vm gets stuck trying to boot - could not boot from
hard disk.

current configuration
Multinode buildout Cloud controller + 2 compute nodes + quantum
ubuntu 12.04 + ubuntu cloud repo for folsom build
ceph (v.53) configured successfully for nova-volume and glance as per this
ceph cluster consists of 4 nodes - all running and available (3 x monitors)
Libvirt secret configured successfully....
Nova.conf configured with correct RBD access and cephx auth info....
Glance configured to use its own account successfully

i can upload images to glance ok
(both Qcow2 as well as copies of these in RAW format for as boot form vol
i can create attach/detach/delete all Vm based volumes ok

The exact behavior is as follows:
 create a BFV vm, from either Qcow2 or raw image formats, use /dev/vda as
the mount point.
(I understand that Folsom supports direct image injection into the volume)
the Vm will successfully launch but cannot boot due to no hard disk being
not a bootable disk

So the image is NOT being injected automatically into the volume - so i
created a windows VM and used driveimageXML to clone the Vm onto a volume,
detached from vm,  snapshotted the volume and tried boot from volume again
- same problem.

Strangely , if you specify any other mount point other than /dev/vda the Vm
will boot as standard image backed VM with the requested volume attached on

So my questions are:
Are there any specific configuration options in glance or Nova that enable
this 'direct image injection into volume ?
Is this capability different between cinder and Nova-volume ?
Is anyone else experiencing the same problem ?
Are they any known walkthroughs or BKMs to get this fully
configured correctly

Any advice or guidance would be really appreciated

Steve A
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