[Openstack-operators] Live migration using Volume backed virtual machines - is it possible ? live snapshots ?

Steve Anderson dafridgie at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 10:46:21 UTC 2012

I've built out a multi node Folsom install in the lab and have attached
Swift1.7.4 to glance, ceph 0.53 to nova volume. i can boot from volume
successfully , so my next step is to see if Live migration can be used to
move these Vms between hypervisors. However all the documentation i can
find points to using conventional virtual machines and shared storage

Is anyone aware of a method that we can use currently to enable live
migration for volume backed virtual machines ?

Also, we would like to take live snapshots of volumes with VMs connected
(ceph backed via nova-volume) for 2 purposes:
1 - backup of the actual volume data (storing in swift would be ideal)
2 - backup of virtual machines that are volume backed (instead of instance
based snapshot)

Is anyone aware if this is possible within the openstack space? i
appreciate i could use ceph to directly snapshot volumes but I'd like these
snapshots easily consumable by users.

any advice or guidance would be really apprecaited


Steve a
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