[Openstack-operators] Something really weird when PUT overwrites a file with same name but different content 1.4.8 - BUG ?

Leandro Reox leandro.reox at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 13:21:32 UTC 2012

Hi guys,

We're facing a really weird random issue on Swift 1.4.8, when we update an
object that already exists with the same name, but different content,
sometimes randomly the operation, dispites the proxy answer ( always 201
created) doesnt succeed, and the object content doesnt get updated. But
sometimes the operation succeed and the object content get overwritten.

What we saw in terms of replication :

- When the object doesnt get updated we dont see the .db file replicated
accross the cluster
- Whe the object overwrites OK we saw the 3 replicas of the object and the
3 db replicas propagating OK accross the hole cluster.

This is happening with all the containers, and all the objects, randomly

Things we already checked:

- Ring files replicated ok acrros all proxies and all datanodes
- Confs files ok
- Memcached partners ok
- Replication services, and all the other services running ok on all nodes

Is this really and issue or we should DELETE and object previous uploading
with the same name ?. We found this really weird (sounds like a bugs) cause
succeeds randomly

Best !
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