[Openstack-operators] Help, I can not launch instance by nova with ESXi backend

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Thu Nov 1 13:27:10 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I have meet a problem when I try to use nova vmwareapi driver to provision
instance on the ESXi backend. The instance can not be provision
successfully, the status in nova always say error.

After I trigger the booting for a vmdk format image by the "nova boot"
command, in the nova-compute log I can found the follow key tasks in the
provisioning sequence:
1. Provisioning message arrive compute node.
2. VMWareVlanBridgeDriver use ESXi webservice (sdk, vim25) to check vSwitch
and port group, and create port group if it not existing.
3. VMWareESXDriver use ESXi webservice to create VM.
4. VMWareESXDriver delete the fake vmdk file.
5. VMWareESXDriver download image from glance and write it
(xxx-flat.vmdk)to the VM home folder in the ESXi datastore.
6. VMWareESXDriver ask ESXi reconfigure VM with the real image file
7. VMWareESXDriver power on the VM.

I see the task #1~#4 can be executed successful from the log, but the task
#5 can not be finished correctly. I have checked the vmdk file
(xxx-flat.vmdk) size in the VM home folder in the ESXi datastore, and it
size is always 0 bytes during the image uploading period. I also checked
glance-api log, there have not errors and running in normal. Because the
vmdk is invalid, so the task #6 and #7 are all failed, ESXi raise "Unable
to access file xxx-flat.vmdk" (this is from ESXi 5.1, ESXi 4.1 said the
same message) and Nova raise "NovaException" exception to frontend. I have
used tcpdump tool to monitor HTTP interactive process between the
glance-api and the nova-compute, and between the nova-compute and the ESXi,
both of them are all be dumped on the nova-compute host, I can see the
image data could be downloaded to nova-compute from the glance-api, but I
can not see any data upload to ESXi. I also have tried 3 combinations,
ESXi4.1+ SDK4.1, ESXi4.1u3+ SDK4.1, ESXi5.1+SDK5.1, but the result are all
same, provisioning failed.

I just think is there some firewall filter rules can cause this which
between the ESXi and nova-compute host? So I stop the iptables on
the nova-compute host and allow the 80 and 443 port access settings on the
ESXi, but that does not change anything...failed also

Can anybody help me about this, anybody can provision instance successful
by nova with ESXi? Big thanks to you!
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