[Openstack-operators] My 1st test on OpenStack

Stephen Liu satimis at yahoo.com
Sat May 26 11:17:54 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I'm prepared testing OpenStack on following PC:

Host    Debian 6.0 32bit
HD 600G
RAM    4G
Virtualizer    KVM
6 guests (created)    OS Ubuntu 12.04 server 32bit, each allotted with 30G storage space

I read;
Instructions for a Multiple Server Swift Installation (Ubuntu)

and have following questions;

Whether run all commands under "General OS configuration and partitioning for each node" on all nodes (6 guests)?

Whether run all commands under "Configure the Proxy node" on the Proxy node (1st guest)?

Whether run all commands under "Configure the Storage nodes" on all storage nodes (the remaining 5 guests)?

Re: "Adding a Proxy Server"
I don't have proxy server running on this box.  I use ISP's DNS instead.  Whether I need adding a Proxy Server?
If "YES" then I'll create another Ubuntu guest for this purpose.

Pls advise.  TIA

Stephen L
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