[Openstack-operators] no VM "really" up after complete hardware reboot

Christian Parpart trapni at gmail.com
Thu May 24 08:43:56 UTC 2012

Hi all,

due to some circumstances I did shutdown all my OpenStack nodes
(controller, network, computes).

Now, after booting every node back up again, the dashboard and CLI command
pretend to have every VM up again,
but the truth is... NOT. No VM booted.

the /var/log/nova/nova-compute.log says, that it first wanted to shutdown
the machine (hm?) and then could not access
the bridge br102 (102 is the VLAN ID), of course, this bridge doesn't exist
yet, because the host just booted up.

Any ideas why I could not get the service back up?

Many thanks in advance,
Christian Parpart.
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