[Openstack-operators] nova-network in all compute nodes?????

Sergio Ariel de la Campa Saiz sacampa at gmv.com
Wed May 23 13:15:29 UTC 2012

Hi Christian:

Thanks a lot!!!
Finally I´m gonna use multi nova-network since it is the one that fits better to my configuration. But I have a dout that hit me after I read your mail... network-nodes always do NAT, or by default they only route packets (no NAT) between private and public networks???

Once again... thanks.
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On Wed, May 23, 2012 at 10:12 AM, Sergio Ariel de la Campa Saiz <sacampa at gmv.com<mailto:sacampa at gmv.com>> wrote:

I have been reading the conversation between Lorin and Christian about nova-network HA, and I have a question that maybe one of them can answer me... or maybe any member of this group :-) :-)

This is my environment:

2 ubuntu servers, essex and VLAN networking:
- 1 controller with nova-network, glance, keystone, nova-api, nova-scheduler but NOT nova-compute
- 1 node: nova-compute only

In this configuration all my VM are going to be launched in the node since there is no nova-compute running in my controller. When I try to launch a VM appears a problem whith my network. I think that is because there is no nova-network installed in the node. Bridge and VLAN interfaces are created in the controller but they are not created in the node.

My question is: it is necessary to install nova-network in all compute nodes??

Thanks a lot.

Hey Sergio,

it is possible to either have a dedicated nova-network node (multi_host=False) or the other mode,
have nova-network running on every compute node (nova-compute).

While the latter is more HA-friendly, it chose the first, since the latter will also require
to have your public IP network available on every compute node and I (in my setup) just don't.

Whatever you chose, you'll need to take care of some decisions when writing nova.conf and when actually populating networks via nova-manage:

single nova-network node (may still have more, and HA'd via keepalived in active/passive mode, ye know):

    # /etc/nova/nova.conf
    # line below is only needed when you want to HA your single nova-network node (default: False)!:
    # this one defaults to False anyways, but I added and documented it for clarity:
    # the following is need to SNAT your outgoing compute traffic to the nova-network node's public IP

    nova-manage network create --multi_host=F --vlan=$VID --label=your-net --fixed_cidr=<> --project_id=$TENANT_ID

multi nova-network mode (meaning: one nova-network on same host as nova-compute):
    # /etc/nova/nova.conf

    nova-manage network create --multi_host=T --vlan=$VID --label=your-net --fixed_cidr=<> --project_id=$TENANT_ID

I hope this helps.

Also check /var/log/nova/nova-*.log

So long,
Christian Parpart.

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