[Openstack-operators] Openstack Education Sweden

Mattias Hemmingsson mattias.hemmingsson at elino.se
Wed Mar 28 21:16:31 UTC 2012


Iḿ at the moment putting togheter an cource in Linux The cource is split in two parts of two years where the first year is basic Linux education
and the secound year is an specialis year in Network and Virtalizing.
For network im looking into using vyatta as network plattform.

But for vurtalizering i would like to use Openstack. But I dont have any expertise in Openstack and om looking for some help in 
putting the course togheter and for people to use for teachers.

If I'm gona teach the students to be masters of Openstack what do I have to teach them ?
Do you wana teach students in Openstack (preferd in swedish in stockholm but english over the webb works) ?

The education will be founded på the Swedish goverment and free of charge for Swedish student.
So I will when the education is held put all the info togheter and put it out for free soo that others also can use it.

For Sweds
Är du svenska och tycker att det låter intressant. Hör gärna av dig till mig. Det finns lediga platser kvar i ledningruppen för kursen.
Och desto fler företag jag kan koppla till kursen desto störra chans är det att staten köper den.

Reagrds Mattias Hemmingsson

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