[Openstack-operators] essex networking questions

J.O'Loughlin at surrey.ac.uk J.O'Loughlin at surrey.ac.uk
Wed Feb 29 12:50:34 UTC 2012


I've been running diablo and now have a test essex set up, built on trunk ppa. In essex a euca-describe-instances returns the following:

root at kvm-dev01:~/ubuntu-kvm# euca-describe-instances 
RESERVATION	r-wn6ny48r	project1	default
INSTANCE	i-00000002	ami-0000000c	server-2	server-2	running	None (project1, kvm-dev01)	1		m1.small	2012-02-29T11:39:58Z	nova	

previously, in diablo, the private IP address would be displayed instead of server-2. Two questions:

1. Is there an option to change this back to the behaviour in diablo
2. How does essex manage DNS? and how are people generally dealing with this? 


nova-manage floating create

is silently failing, a  nova-manage floating list show no floating IP addresses have been defined. Has the syntax for this changed? 

Any help appreciated


John O'Loughlin
FEPS IT, Service Delivery Team Leader

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