[Openstack-operators] Openstack with Xen.Compute in Dom 0 or Dom U?

Armando Migliaccio Armando.Migliaccio at eu.citrix.com
Fri Feb 24 18:18:06 UTC 2012

The xenapi driver implementation assumes nova-compute run in domU.

The documentation is a bit all over the place but we are working to consolidate it.

wiki.openstack.org and devstack.org are good starting points, but please feel free to ask on the ML for further/specific questions.


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Subject: [Openstack-operators] Openstack with Xen.Compute in Dom 0 or Dom U?

   i want to install openstack with xen.But should i install nova in Dom 0 or Dom U?
Because i see somewhere says  Dom 0 and somewhere else says otherwise.
And is there any detailed info related to this available somewhere?Thanks.

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