[Openstack-operators] Benchmarking tools or test-cases

Salman A Baset sabaset at us.ibm.com
Tue Feb 21 21:50:21 UTC 2012

The SPEC Research portal contains links to many research, commercial, and
de-facto benchmarks, some of which can be tried on OpenStack.

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Subject:	[Openstack-operators] Benchmarking tools or test-cases
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I am working on an evaluation of OpenStack for a development and testing
environments. As I work through the documentation and figuring out success
criteria and requirements, I would like to create a test-plan for benchmark
testing. The benchmarking would revolve around testing the different
hypervisors OpenStack supports. I am currently interested looking at KVM
and XenServer after looking at the different feature support of the
different hypervisors.

Are there any current test suites for OpenStack or benchmarking tools that
I could utilize? I did not find any reference to this topic in the
archives, and my google searches only turned up a github repo that no
longer exists.

Thank you for any assistance you could provide.
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