[Openstack-operators] multiple networks vs keystone tenants

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Mon Feb 20 19:09:28 UTC 2012


I want to set up a dedicated network for a tenant. To do this, I use
--project_id <keystone_tenant_id> option in nova-manage network create:

nova-manage network create
--gateway= --dns1= --multi_host=T --bridge=br311

I also have my default network, which all projects share and allocate
addresses from it.

And here I run into a problem:
I boot the vm and it looks like the assignement of network to a project
does not work. All my machines are assigned IP-s from 2 networks regardles
if I am a member of the test2 project or not:

144f9ba8-339f-428c-88e9-a256c6aba956 | rwar  | ACTIVE |
public=; project2=      (2 ADDRESSES!!!!!)

How can I enforce that users from project2 get only addresses from project2
And how can I enforce that users from outside project2 get addresses from
the public pool?

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