[Openstack-operators] nova milestone - issue with iscsi volumes

Linux Datacenter linuxdatacenter at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 19:38:32 UTC 2012


I've run into an issue with nova-volume.

Each time I want to attach a volume to an instance, I get the following
error on the compute:

2012-02-02 20:33:04,546 DEBUG nova.utils [-] Running cmd (subprocess): sudo
nova-rootwrap iscsiadm -m node -T iqn.2010-10.org.openstack:volume-00000011
-p <NOVA_VOLUME_IP>:3260 --rescan from (pid=19855) debug
2012-02-02 20:33:04,596 DEBUG nova.virt.libvirt.volume [-] iscsiadm
('--rescan',): stdout= stderr=iscsiadm: No portal found.
 from (pid=19855) debug /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nova/log.py:175

The error disappears when I perform a target discovery on the compute node,
and once more try issue euca-attach-volume:

iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -p <NOVA_VOLUME_IP>,1 iqn.2010-10.org.openstack:volume-cc1-00000011

euca-attach-volume (works well this time)

Anyone knows if this is a bug and how to work it around? (I tried to inject
discovery into the volume driver code and libvirt code. It's not executed -
apparently I put it into some wrong place in the code)


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