[Openstack-operators] Starting large VMs takes quite long

Till Mossakowski Till.Mossakowski at dfki.de
Wed Oct 19 18:12:08 UTC 2011


> my answers below,

many thanks for your quick answer.

>     I have set up openstack using stackops.
> Good choice ;-)

Yes, the stackops GUI is very nice. However, stackops is based on 
cactus, right? Is there a way of using diablo with stackops? Perhaps it 
is possible to upgrade the Ubuntu lucid distro that is coming with 
stackops to natty or oneiric and then upgrade to diablo using the source 
ppa:openstack-release/2011.3 for openstack?

> 5GB image it's not too big... we use NFS to share instances among nodes
> to help with the live migration and performance it's acceptable. How
> much is 'quite a while' in seconds?

between half a minute and a minute (I haven't taken the exact time...).
This is too long for our users.

> If you share the /var/lib/nova/instances with NFS, during the 'launch'
> process the base virtual image is copied to '_base'. Depending on the
> size of this file it will take longer. Once it's copied next time you
> use this image it should go much faster.
> Note: I have tested right now with a 1Gb launching a >25GB Windows VM
> and it took 3-4 minutes the first time. New Windows images, it took only
> a few seconds.

This is interesting. Is there a way of telling the scheduler to prefer a 
compute node that already has copied the needed image?

Best, Till

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