[Openstack-operators] Starting large VMs takes quite long

Till Mossakowski Till.Mossakowski at dfki.de
Wed Oct 19 16:04:04 UTC 2011


I have set up openstack using stackops.
I have installed one controller node and one compute node (each using 
two 1GBit NICs), following the book "Deploying Openstack".
I am using nova-objectstore for storing images.

Now starting a machine with a 5G image takes quite a while, probably 
because the image is mounted via nfs to the compute node.

With libvirt, I am used to start VMs instantly. Is there a way to do the 
same with openstack? The image would need to be stored directly on the 
compute node, of course. Ideally, in a network with more nodes, the lots 
of images I have would be distributed to compute nodes in advance, and a 
special scheduler would select a compute node holding the needed image. 
Is this possible with openstack?


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