[Openstack-operators] networking question

J.O'Loughlin at surrey.ac.uk J.O'Loughlin at surrey.ac.uk
Wed Feb 16 15:55:31 UTC 2011


I have a nova install on a single machine, I have launched an instance which I can log into from the compute node, and have associated a public IP address to the instance, see below. 

root at kvm-dev02:~/project2# euca-describe-instances 
RESERVATION	r-omedt4i6	project2	default
INSTANCE	i-00000001	ami-bn6x5xnb	running	mykey (project2, kvm-dev02)	0		m1.small	2011-02-15 22:57:17.803241	nova	

security groups allow ssh and icmp:

root at kvm-dev02:~/project2# euca-describe-groups 
GROUP	project2	default	default
PERMISSION	project2	default	ALLOWS	icmp	-1	-1	FROM	CIDR
PERMISSION	project2	default	ALLOWS	tcp	22	22	FROM	CIDR

but I'm not sure about the routing should now work, under eucalyptus the public IP is added as an alias to the public interface and a rule is added to iptables to nat the traffic to the instances private IP address.
It appears nova networking is different, are there any steps I have missed ?

Any help or pointers much appreciated. 


John O'Loughlin
FEPS IT, Service Delivery Team Leader

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