[OpenStack-Infra] JJB nested template variables

Thanh Ha thanh.ha at linuxfoundation.org
Wed Mar 9 22:45:31 UTC 2016

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to nest template variables and discovered that JJB behaves in a
way I didn't expect when a template variable is nested. For example:

- project:
    name: test
        - '{name}-verify-{value}-{jdk}'

        - a:
                - openjdk8

- job-template:
    name: '{name}-verify-{value}-{jdk}'

When jdk is nested under the value a. It generates a job with the name:


You'll notice the name also includes extra single quotes at the beginning
and end of the job name itself in addition to a python list being passed
out in place of the jdk variable. However if you don't nest JDK and put it
by itself you get the expected name of *test-verify-a-openjdk8 *without the
extra single quotes and python list.

I'd be interested in attempting to fix this since I have a use case for
having job templates with nested variables. Would this be something that's
easy to fix or would this have some larger affect on the code base?

Can someone point me to the code files related to the template name scheme.
I can have a poke at it and see if it's something that can be fixed.

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