[OpenStack-Infra] Meeting Minutes: (TripleO) HPE HW Relocation, Feb 25th 2016

Cody A.W. Somerville cody.somerville at gmail.com
Sat Feb 27 18:29:48 UTC 2016

HPE provides a number of baremetal nodes in two of their public cloud data
centers, referred to as "US East" and "US West", for use by the OpenStack
CI project. These machines were originally used for TripleO CI and are now
being used to support the infracloud project.

As part of the sunset of HPE's public cloud, this hardware needs to be
relocated. HPE has determined both sets of hardware will be relocated to
their ecopod data center in Houston, Texas.

    - Infra Team (Spencer, Clint, Colleen, Elizabeth, Ricky, Jim, Jeremey,
Paul, Ghe, Yolanda, and Cody)
    - Allison Randal (HPE - Director)
    - Phil Jensen (HPE - Engineer)
    - Richard Cariso (HPE - HPE Public Cloud Sunset Team)
    - Kevin Coker (HPE - Manager DC Ops)

- There is a need for allocation of large public IP address (/19).
    - Action: Phil to follow-up on IP address block assignment.
- Three weeks of downtime.
    - Kevin says quicker turn around if we can pull severs from racks and
ship on palette.
- March 1st "freeze" date that will affect US West and US East. Need to
ship before March 1st.
- Richard will need list of nodes to relocate and networking, connectivity,
etc requirements/needs.
    - Action: Allison to send list of nodes for relocation to Richard, and
Richard will file tickets and work with Kevin to get timeline.
    - Action: Cody to e-mail openstack-infra mailing list to finalize
networking requirements.
    - Action: Colleen will send final requirements to Allison by EOD Monday
Feb 29th who will pass on to Richard and Kevin.
- Some nodes have issues, Action: Colleen to file tickets through LDS
project in HPE ticket system.
- Do we have everything we need on the other end in Houston?
    - Kevin says yes. Says ship is go.
- Action: Agreed that Richard can begin de-rack and ship process after EOD
February 25th.
    - Prioritize SL390 if possible from US West.

Cody A.W. Somerville
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