[OpenStack-Infra] Feedback after the infra midcycle

Spencer Krum nibz at spencerkrum.com
Thu Feb 25 23:37:49 UTC 2016

At the conclusion of the Infra midcycle, we did a feedback exercise.
These are the results.

Things that went well:

* Many people expressed that focusing on a single topic made the event
* We held the meeting at an HP datacenter site. This enabled us to get
intentional and unintentional access to various HP people that helped
the infracloud project.
* This is the first infra sprint that wasn't focused on 'infra 101'
training for brand new contributors. Several attendees said they felt
they got a lot more work done at this sprint than when bootstrapping was
a topic.
* Debugging with one person typing while connected to a projector was
* Everyone enjoyed group dinners.
* Four days in length was right (some felt 3 would be right)
* Infra-root developers working directly with focused infra-roots was
* The HP room and food were great (Thanks!)

Things that didn't go well:

* We had some network issues
* We didn't demo or use baremetal provisioning
* The city location was unfortunately more remote from the airport than
we would have liked
* There weren't enough cookies.
* Our puppet-ansible-cron automation fell down a few times, bringing
progress to a halt.
* Access presented an issue, preventing some participants from
participating fully

Things we'd like to change for next time:

* If applicable, split into small groups and work streams.
* Push the big social events later into the week so that they don't
impact the following morning's productivity.


  Spencer Krum
  nibz at spencerkrum.com

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