[OpenStack-I18n] Different meanings of 'retrieve' in django from horizon-stable-wallaby?

Ilya Alekseyev ilyaalekseyev at acm.org
Mon Sep 6 18:02:42 UTC 2021

Hello Julie.

Both message types mean 'retrieving info'
You could translate these messages using the same verb.

Your questions point out that you probably have a lack of experience with
It would be great if you'll try to use OpenStack Horizon a little bit more
before working on translation.

Also, I would like to recommend you Russian-speaking community resources:
 - https://t.me/openstack_ru
 - https://t.me/openstack_i18n_ru

Here you could find people having multiple years of experience with
OpenStack. And during conversations, you could learn specific
OpenStack-related Russian jargon even better.

Kind regards,
Ilya Alekseyev.

Russian OpenStack Community

пн, 6 сент. 2021 г. в 16:33, Juliette Tux <juliette.tux at gmail.com>:

> Hello, my name is Julie Dronova, I do Russian translations.
> I have a question regarding possible different meanings of the verb
> 'retrieve' in horizon's django.
> Firstly, we have these types of phrases:
> "Unable to retrieve image format list."
> "Unable to retrieve volume backup details."
> "Unable to retrieve hypervisor information." etc
> in which we have a clear indication of retrieving an information, data.
> And then we have these types of messages:
> Unable to retrieve volume backups.
> Unable to retrieve floating IP pools.
> Unable to retrieve availability zones.
> My question is: do these 2nd types of messages also mean 'retrieving of
> data, info' or do they mean something different? Since in Russian we would
> need to use two different verbs here.
> If this is a wrong type of mailing list to ask such questions, kindly
> direct me to more appropriate one (devs mailing list?).
> Thanks in advance.
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> С уважением, Дронова Юлия
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