[OpenStack-I18n] Hope to get response of request of joining zh-CN languages team

韩光宇 hanguangyu at uniontech.com
Tue Aug 17 06:48:44 UTC 2021


I'm a employee of Uniontech Software Technology Co., Ltd which has been signed CCLA. My department has been working on OpenStack, and we also want to contribute to OpenStack community now.

We applied to join the zh-CN languages team a few weeks ago. I heard that I can remind the admin to process the application here, so I send this email, sorry to bother you.

Two zanata account which applied join zh-CN language team in https://translate.openstack.org/ are:
"hanguangyu at uniontech.com" and "wangleic at uniontch.com".

Thank you very much.
Han Guangyu.
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