[OpenStack-I18n] [I18n] Digest 2018/08/10

Frank Kloeker eumel at arcor.de
Fri Aug 10 10:28:58 UTC 2018


some updates from my side what happened this week:

1. PTL election is done and I'm the I18n PTL for Stein. Thanks for your 
trust and I'm looking forward to draw the project goals for Stein in the 
next weeks.

2. ATC codes are shipped. Early bird tickets for Berlin Summit are 
available till August 22nd.

3. Project update/Project onboarding session Berlin Summit. Needs to be 
define. If you are interested as a volunteer for project onboarding or 
project update session, let me know.

4. Zuul-Translation Jobs. Maybe you've seen it on IRC or dev-ML, we had 
an issue with the translation sync jobs in Zuul. This is fixed now and 
we're back in normal operation. For the future we want to simplify the 
process, a proposal for new job templates are already on the way: 

5. Whitepaper translation. As I already wrote, the publishing issues are 
fixed and also the translator credits are on the website. Now there is 
only an issue to collect metrics in Stackalytics for this 2 projects.

6. Release weeks. Most of the projects branched now to stable/rocky. 
Please use the Rocky Translation Dashboard on Zanata. There are the 
right branched for different project linked and I refresh the board 

7. Translation Check Site. Is updated to stable/rocky and syncs the 
translation strings also from the same branch if available (i.e. 

That's all. You've still a happy summer :-)

kind regards


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