[OpenStack-I18n] [OpenStack-Infra] [I18n] Regarding Zanata upgrade plan to 3.9.6 with Xenial: Help is needed

Steve Kowalik steven at wedontsleep.org
Wed Jan 18 22:24:52 UTC 2017

On 19/01/17 04:27, Clark Boylan wrote:
> One thing I noticed when writing this change is that the puppet-zanata
> manifest includes info for wildfly hibernate and wildfly mojarra
> packages but those packages are for wildfly 8 and we are running 9 [1].
> Checking in the sourceforge downloads dir I don't see any wildfly 9
> equivalents. Does this mean that the wildfly 8 packages are fine to use
> or maybe they are no longer necessary and we can clean this up?

I had the same concerns when I updated from Wildfly 8 to Wildfly 9.
They were certainly still required for 9, no matter what the download
page said.

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