[OpenStack-I18n] Proposal on new "StringFreeze" manager + I18n reports

Ian Y. Choi ianyrchoi at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 17:48:52 UTC 2017

Hello i18n team members!

When I decided to start my PTL role for Ocata cycle, I wanted to do a 
lot with many I18n team members.
However, lots of real condition (short Ocata cycle, my busy daily work, 
and so on..) makes me difficult to accomplish
what I originally wanted during Ocata.

(Before I would like to tell, please also review i18n-specs repository
: https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/i18n-specs .
I originally wanted to share what I would like to change through 
i18n-specs, but now I think it is good to share using e-mail now.)

The followings are mainly based on what I18n team discussed on the last 
IRC meeting [2-4]:

1) "StringFreeze Manager"
- roles
  : sending an e-mail for notifications for soft / hard stringfreeze
  : sharing statistics how much strings are being translated
  : activity period would be the period affecting soft and hard stringfreeze
  : weekly checking for e-mail notifications and sharing statistics 
would be needed.
- concrete example (Ocata)
   >> just before R-5: notification for "translation is important 
because stringfreeze period is too short. Please start"
   >> just before R-4: "This week is for Soft Freeze. Almost all strings 
in Horizon and related projects are being freezed"
        (we might need to search it.. I will also search for freezed 
   >> just before R-3: Horizon projects will be hard-freezed and 
packaged. If there is translation bugs, please change it before hard freeze
   >> R-2 and R-1: sharing translation stats with freezed project list 
on horizon and related projects mentioned in 

=> Ilya Alekseyev (irc:adiantum) kindly accepted my proposal. So I would 
like to become a driver for such StringFreeze manager role with Ilya.

2) A periodic report based on IRC meeting and activities reported by 
language coordinators

- Period: Let's start "monthly" first, and then try to pursue bi-weekly, 
if the report will be useful to all.
- Language coordinators need to report translation progress and stats in 
their language
  : IRC meeting presence is preferred.
  : Reporting by e-mail and also wiki form [5] is also welcome.
- PTL will gather information and publish reports like [1].
- Recipient: openstack-i18n, openstack-docs

We have I18n liaisons and I would like to think how StringFreeze 
manager(s) and liaisons would cooperate each other
later (not now, since I have no concrete idea - but feel free to share us!).
Also, I18n report needs more interaction with language coordinators and 
core reviewers. I will think more on it :)


With many thanks,


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