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Will Zhou zzxwill at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 06:02:39 UTC 2017

Thank you for the clarification. BTW, I, a common OpenStack Foundation
member, can vote for individual director:)

On Tue, Feb 14, 2017 at 1:59 PM Ian Y. Choi <ianyrchoi at gmail.com> wrote:

Hello Will,

It is never related with how core members are composed of and board member
At least every OpenStack Foundation member
 has the authority for the nomination, but as the previous e-mail said,
the duration was January 9 to 13, which as one month ago.

With many thanks,


Will Zhou wrote on 2/14/2017 2:51 PM:

As a non-core member, seems we don't have the authority for the nomination:(

On Tue, Dec 6, 2016 at 1:52 PM Ian Y. Choi <ianyrchoi at gmail.com> wrote:

Hello translators,

I am forwarding one e-mail to share that

  1) OpenStack Individual Board Member election will be held in Jan 9-13
2017 for 2017 Board Election.

  2) Kato-san is seeking nominations :)

Note that I am now on the candidate list because I wanted to check who
nominated me,

but I will not go for 2017 Board Election. I am now busy but so happy on
serving I18n Ocata PTL :)

With many thanks,


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From: Lana Brindley <openstack at lanabrindley.com>
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Hi everyone,

One of our core team members, Tomoyuki KATO, is seeking election for
the OpenStack board. In order to stand for candidacy, though, he needs
10 nominations.

If you think Tomoyuki-san would be a good addition to the Board, then
you can nominate him by going to
http://www.openstack.org/community/members/ and searching for
"Tomoyuki KATO". No supporting documentation required, just a click if
you think he'd be a good candidate :)

Voting for the accepted candidates happens in January.


Lana Brindley
Technical Writer
Rackspace Cloud Builders Australiahttp://lanabrindley.com

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