[OpenStack-I18n] Fw: [OpenStack-docs] Freezing operations-guide repository

KATO Tomoyuki tomo at dream.daynight.jp
Mon May 2 10:12:30 UTC 2016

Hi team,

Docs team decided to move operations guide into openstack-manuals repo.
Also, XML DocBook is freezed, so we should not translate it.
i.e. operations-guide/openstack-ops at Zanata.
Stay tuned, the newer operations guide in RST format will appear at
openstack-manuals project at Zanata, which will occur soon.

KATO Tomoyuki

----------------------- Original Message -----------------------
Since we have now imported the RST ops-guide in openstack-manuals, let's 
freeze the operations-guide repository.

We do not need to make any further edits there, any further updates 
should be done to the RST guide.

I'm working on retiring the repository following the process documented 
http://docs.openstack.org/infra/manual/drivers.html#retiring-a-project . 
Once this is done, the repository will be completely read-only. For 
that, I will propose a few final cleanup changes.

So, let's do now:
* Freeze repo - no more approvals for it (besides retiring).
* Retire repository

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