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Akihiro Motoki amotoki at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 04:52:02 UTC 2015


I see the same information but the information is not enough to me.
Transifex provides information like the location in the source code
as you see in my attached image.

In POT file (e.g. horizon/openstack_dashboard/locale/django.pot),
I see the location of the source code:
#: api/ceilometer.py:1140
msgid "Image existence check"
msgstr ""

but I don't see any information like api/ceilometer.py 1140 in Zanata UI.
I believe this information is important to give feedback to the upstream.

I am not sure POT file which is used for uploading has this kind


2015-07-16 13:31 GMT+09:00 Alex Eng <aeng at redhat.com>:

>  Hi Kato,
> Zanata stores source string information if there comments in the source
> file.
> I've attached a screenshot. You will need to expend the information
> section of the source string by clicking on the highlighted square below
> the source string.
> Regards,
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> On 16/07/15 14:09, KATO Tomoyuki wrote:
>  One question I have is how I can know a specific string comes
> from which part of codes. I often check the source code to
> check its context, but I don't see any information from Zanata interface.
> Some message is too short to grep codes, so location information is nice.
> For example, I see one word message "of" and it is not easy to find out it
> in the code.
> Is there any convenient way to know this kind of information?
> (Transifex provides this information and I usually use the information.)
>  I think this is derived from our language "po" files don't contain filenames
> and line numbers any more.
> In my guess, Transifex display this information from the same msgid as
> the corresponding "pot" file.
> So, I think we need to consult Zanata team.
> KATO Tomoyuki
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