[Openstack-i18n] Zanata trial starts ! Please register, and try - requirements before production

Carlos Munoz camunoz at redhat.com
Mon Aug 24 00:30:55 UTC 2015


Just a couple of points from some discussions that I've had with Daisy
and Elizabeth in the past few days.

1. About Zanata's short session timeout: I did some research and
unfortunately the most recent versions of Wildfly removed the capability
of changing the session timeout outside of the application. What this
means is that in order to increase we are going to need to modify an xml
file inside the Zanata package. This is a minimal change that can be
puppetized if needed. I will try to add this as a permanent change in
Zanata for future releases.

2. About the migration of user accounts from the Development server to a
production one. My recommendation is that we do a copy of the relevant
tables in the dev server directly onto production. This way the full
registered user base will be copied over. We could even look at doing
the same for language teams if needed.

Let me know if there are any questions.


Carlos A. Munoz
Software Engineering Supervisor
Engineering - Internationalization
Red Hat

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