[Openstack-i18n] Allow translators to translate BatchActions

Yves-Gwenaël Bourhis yves-gwenael.bourhis at cloudwatt.com
Thu Sep 4 09:39:41 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I reported a bug concerning the way strings where conjugated on action buttons here:

The issue is that automatic conjugation works in English, but may lead the impossibility to have a properly translated string in some languages which have different and more complex conjugation rules.

I made a patch to fix this here:
However, not all strings are fixed in this patch, only a few ones, and I kept the legacy conjugation method not to brake all existing strings on the action buttons at once.
This patch will allow developers to progressively change strings on action buttons per translators request, to strings which can have proper translations.

I also added contextual markers on instance actions or status. i.e.: "Shut Down" could be an action to perform, or an instance status, which is the same string in English but different in many languages, this patch allows differentiating them.

Could it help to have a test catalog on Transifex based on this patch to have translators feedback on the change brought to the strings?
The translators could give feedback to know if translations are improved.
Also translators could ask for more strings which they could not translate properly before, to be migrated to this new translating method on action buttons as new (dependent) patches.

Also, how fast do translators want all the existing "action buttons" and "status" strings to be migrated to this method? If all are migrated at once we would lose a lot of the currently existing translations on action buttons and status (even though they are not properly translatable) and they would have to be translated again. So adding patches progressively could bring smooth changes. This is where translators feedback would be interesting to know if:

- The changes allow translating properly?
- They want smooth changes on action buttons to translate progressively, or want a complete fix right now because to many buttons can not be translated properly?
- They want changes in other places too where they can not currently translate properly?



Yves-Gwenaël Bourhis

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