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Pančur, Matjaž Matjaz.Pancur at fri.uni-lj.si
Tue Jul 8 13:47:13 UTC 2014

On 8. jul. 2014, at 15:31, Anne Gentle <anne at openstack.org> wrote:

> Thanks Andreas, and appreciate you putting in the Ja example. 
> Note 2: Since training-guides import some stuff from openstack-manuals,
> we might need to enhance our infrastructure to get these translated as well,
> Do you think that there will be much left to translate? The training manuals seem to have a lot of glue text and schedule headers. There's only about three lines to translate in, say, 

Currently - no, not much. But I believe that in the future, when the team expands and all 4 guides are written, this will change.  For example, we’ll include Upstream Univ’s training content and in Developer/Architect guide there will be more content for us to write from scratch.

Maybe now is really a good time to start with translations and resolve all infra issues.


> https://github.com/openstack/training-guides/blob/master/doc/training-guides/associate-guide/bk001-ch001-associate-getting-started.xml
> Let's try it and see. Want to hear what Sean has to say as well. 
> Anne
> Andreas
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